Bored Cat Boat Club

by Memo
NFT Drop

September 28th 2022 3:00 PM EST
A mint portal will be available through the official BCBC website.

Collection Description:
"BCBC is a collection of 10,000 Bored Cat NFTs, Bored Ape twins from the other parallel universe - unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Because our cats traveled from the parallel universe through the wormhole, they were shaken and randomized, even though they are twins with the APEs, their numbers are shuffled, so #69 might be #420 or #69 might be #2222!"

"You guys might think we are a new community. It's normal to think that way because it’s your first time seeing us here. Well… actually we have been living in a parallel universe for so many years. And we are bored as hell. One day one of our scientists invented a machine to transport us into different universes, it is a door to multiverse. We got curious on how to use it and if we were to exist in a different universe how we would look like. We ended up here in your universe. However, as a different species. Other than our physical looks we are twins as soul mates.
You know how you humans get curios about your ancestors and be happy with an information from the past, we got the same feeling here. I’m only telling this because technologically we are 1000 years ahead of you. But not to worry! We will stick around in our boats for a while and share our technology with you. We will make sure to help to take this community further!"