Bored Ape Not Club - Genesis is a collection of hand-drawn ape derivatives by OG BAYC holders Meirav Haber and Javier Lovato. We are behind some of the BAYC community activations like the "GM mug" and the "Banana Phone" through our twitter bot @BoredApeNotBot and we love drawing apes!

Our project is taking a unique approach that no one else has done yet, and it's been really amazing to build out our generative collection with input from community members. It really feels like a joint effort and new NFTs are being added to the collection every Friday via commissions from members of our community using our custom mint passes. Once we reach 200 1/1 tokens minted, some of the traits will then be taken and used in a generative collection which will be a reserved mint to BANC and BAYC holders.

Our goal is to raise the bar on ape derivatives which is why we're taking our time using the slow-and-steady method to make sure the art speaks for itself. This is our approach to BANC because we believe organic growth > influencer hype

Meirav and I are OG Apes and big contributors to the community. We've been showing up for both BANC and BAYC consistently for almost 2 years now and we're ready to build with y'all on The Otherside!