The Timekeeper

by JVB
NFT Drop

Join us for the launch of The Timekeeper horror/thriller franchise featuring and executive produced by Judah Lewis (The Babysitter, Christmas Chronicles). The journey begins with the world premiere of the 2-hour audio drama Friday, October 21st EST only on Twitch.

Mint a Timekeeper Character, listen to/watch the world premiere and play The Timekeeper's Game, an NFT-gated experience for Timekeeper Characters holders.

Survive the game, and you can mint a generative Timekeeper NFT from a new collection (free+gas). 10% of all revenue received from The Timekeeper franchise IP will be used to buy back Timekeeper NFTs from public marketplaces. This is your first and ONLY chance to play to own a Timekeeper NFT.

Don't sleep.

The Timekeeper Characters are a 20k generative collection comprised of 5 unique base characters and tons of hand drawn traits by artist Ryan Gajda. Background images in the collection were photographed by Myrna Suarez.

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We look forward to welcoming you to Shady Pines and thank you for your interest in helping us shape the future of human evolution...

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