Projects built by club members
VINYL -1st Drop "The Zen" Series-

Our VINYL is an innovative brand provides web3 and Phygital service...

by miin NFT Drop 4 likes
Bored Bros

Bored Bros provide NFT acquisition, NFT IP managment and licensing...

by BoredBros Development services 3 likes
Web3 Creative Studio. NFT face

Tool for BAYC community that makes adding your NFTs to IRL photos easy....

by Dan Development services 3 likes
The Timekeeper

Join us for the launch of The Timekeeper horror/thriller franchise...

by JVB NFT Drop 5 likes
Crypto Yacht Club - Bored Ape edition

We're excited to present an exclusive, VIP yachting experience for the...

by JZhao NFT Drop 4 likes
10K World Cup

the First & most popular Social-game NFT: 10K World Cup 100+ BAYC have...

by 10K World Cup NFT Drop 10 likes

Unique luxury accessories in the metaverse by @whynotmeNFT and his...

by whynotme NFT Drop 3 likes
Bored Vape Club

We make Vapes for Apes.

by Patryk187 Other 5 likes

Shelves is a family project by Sean, Tara, and our son Nomegla who did...

by seanbonner NFT Drop 5 likes
School Data丨彼女のいる世界

私たちと一緒に、世界の進歩に干渉する権利があります 多元的な世界観を呈する世界、無限の可能性を秘めた少女たち "A world...

by HIGE NFT Drop 5 likes
The Ethereans

A franchise from outer space, The Ethereans are an army of 11,000 Alien...

by Rallsen Venture I founded 3 likes
Worst Ape

Worst 1,000/1,000 apes living on Ethereum chain now. New apes will...

by rfdz Other 3 likes
BAF Designs

1/1 Varisty Jackets. Hand cut and hand sewn. Fully customizable down to...

by RegularRuben Merch 5 likes
Bored to Death

A utility token to gain access to custom BAYC derivatives

by PaperD Art Project 17 likes
Elevated Yacht Club

Members are invited to monthly yacht parties and exclusive IRL...

by KevinVault NFT Drop 5 likes

Free Mint for the first 20 people, and automatic whitelist for all BAYC...

by bayc2555 NFT Drop 7 likes
Bored Sauce

A line of Hot sauce made by Apes, for all!

by Bert Other 6 likes
Bored Ape Not Club - Genesis

Bored Ape Not Club - Genesis is a collection of hand-drawn ape...

by Javier Lovato NFT Drop 5 likes
Ape Wallpapers

by Brainy Other 7 likes
CryptoCities Development

CCDev is a multi-platform Metaverse Development Studio founded by...

by tropicalvirtual Other 3 likes
The 8102

In 2037 a devastating attack by a Super AI brings humankind to the...

by siw0.eth Game 5 likes
Bored Club Canada

Founded in 2021, the Bored Club Canada represents the most influential...

by Fudmaster Other 12 likes
Wagmi Delight Lab

Upload your NFT and customize your own beer.

by DocMarston Other 5 likes

1Combo is an open NFT combination platform which maximizes value for...

by Combo Other 4 likes
Bored Projects

Bored apes are creative apes. 600+ independent projects by BAYC and...

by Coinchrist Other 5 likes

A web3 health and wellness community.

by PapaChasten Other 7 likes
The Nanoz Universe

The Nanoz Universe is a colorful and family friendly NFT collection....

by dim.eth NFT Drop 6 likes
Meetup and Hideaway Place - Bored in the Forest

An oasis of peace. Beautiful forest scenery, a pleasant climate and the...

by Heppe Other 13 likes
Bored Cat Boat Club

Wen? September 28th 2022 3:00 PM EST A mint portal will be available...

by Memo NFT Drop 7 likes
ApeClub - the platform

A platform which currently enables Apes to easily discover each other,...

by WizavEth Venture I founded 24 likes